A fascinating timeline of CPL's history

There's a long and detailed history behind Coals2U and the company we are today. From our humble beginnings way back in 1731 we have grown and developed to be the UK's leading coal merchant and supplier.

To give you an idea behind the history of Coals2U we've summarised it below in a fascinating timeline:


1731 - Charringtons was established






 1800's - Coal sales boom as a result of the Industrial  Revolution






 1920's - New motorised delivery vehicles were introduced






 1923 - Charringtons' Head Office founded









 1956 - Clean Air Act introduced to cut smoke emissions from  Britain's homes and factories







 1970's - Charringtons' fleet continues to grow






 1995 - Senior management completed a buy out of Coal  Products Ltd. from British Coal Corporation





 1997 - The acquisition of Charringtons and British Fuels Ltd.  to form CPL Distribution Ltd.






 2000 - Garden products introduced into the range







2005 - CPL's delivery fleet re-branded presenting a new modern image







2009 - Ecoal, UK's first "eco" smokeless fuel produced







2009 - Kiln drying log production commenced






 2009 - Installation of the new packing plant and distribution hub to boost productivity and support the supply chain





2018 - CPL Industries Announce Plans To Build UK’s First Commercial-Scale Hydrothermal Carbonisation Unit At Immingham Site





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